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How to take your dog camping

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Camping with your dogs is a joyful experience for both owner and dogs. The outdoors is one of the best places to spend time with your dogs. Dogs can be stimulated by all the new sights, sounds and smells. We have few tips that may make camping with the dogs safer and more enjoyable.

First, check with your destination to be sure whether dogs are permitted. Most states allow dogs in the campground but pets are prohibited at some state and national parks. Consider a pre-traveling vet visit to get current on all shots and vaccinations and obtain a current copy of their records and vet’s phone number. At the time of campsite registration, pet owners will be required to show proof of a current rabies vaccination for each pet. Make sure to have up-to-date information on your dogs’ license and tag.

Let your dogs familiar with the tent or carrier for the camping trip at home. Pets are like children they enjoy having accustomed items with them when on holiday. Take the bed that your dog sleeps on if possible to add comfort and security. Bring their regular food bowls, food and treats. Pack first aid, lots of water, and extra towels for unexpected situations. Maintain the same behavioral patterns you keep at home to avoid problems. Once you are on the road, be aware that pets need regular breaks and can get carsick just like humans. Make stops somewhere with space to let your dog have a run on a lead. Also be responsible with any droppings by cleaning after them. This applies to all camping grounds and national parks as well. Buck up your dogs with the dog car seats or crates to prevent any incident. Remember that fresh air is vital to your pooch, so NEVER leave your pets in the vehicle unattended as they dehydrate more quickly than people.

Take time to your dogs to adjust their new surroundings while arrive the campsite. It is important that the dogs are well-behaved around other campers and animals, so make sure to have complete control over your dogs at all times. Watch closely to your dogs’ body language and energy level. Don’t overdo if this is the first time for your dogs. Get ready for dealing appropriately with some unavoidable situations.

Be prepared and practice ahead for both yourself and the dogs. It’s time to pack up and have a great adventure with your four-leg friends!


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