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Pet ID Tag

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Pet ID tags may come to many new owners’ mind when they get pets. But why do I need a pet ID tag? A pet ID tag is not the same as a dog or cat license which is requested by law. A pet license is proof that your pet has been vaccinated against rabies and is registered with the jurisdiction where you reside. Pet licenses are similar to ID Tags; generally small metallic or plastic tags that should be affixed to your pet's collar at all times.

Pet ID tags can be personalized with the pet’s name, and current contact information as phone number and address. The tag is affixed to your pet's collar and identifies you as the pet's owner in the case that he or she becomes lost. Therefore, the pet ID tag can be fun, fashion, elegant, or any design you want to characterize your pet.

Our enamel filled stainless steel dog and cat ID tags from Red Dingo are made of best quality material that never rust. They have variety of designs you can choose from including free engraving and shipping. The new pet QR ID tags selection from Red Dingo is a great innovation which integrates new technology to help finding your lost pet even faster. The pet QR ID tag has the unique Quick Response code as bar code that obtains your pet’s information. If someone find a lost pet with the OR tag, he or she can use the smartphone scanner to quickly display the pet’s information. The lost pet can be reunited with its owner much sooner thanks to this new tech.

Tired of wearing the same pet ID tags like others? Amour Pet now works with the local artists to provide pet owners the Custom Design Pet Tags for your one-of-kind pet. All of our Custom Designed Pet Tags are handmade, hand stamped, and personalized that you don’t find anywhere in a chain pet stores or online.

To wear a pet ID tag is to protect your loved one since 1 of 3 pets will get lost at some point during their lifetime, and 90% of lost pets never return home because without the proper identification. So pet ID tags are more than a fashion accessory, they are essential to your pet’s safety.


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