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Cat Bowls

Cat bowls for food or water today are available in a variety of colors, materials, sizes, and styles to fit almost every taste and decorating style. Finding the right cat bowl for your beloved kitty should be easy if you keep a few factors in mind before you shop.

The desirable features in cat bowls should include: durable, safe, size, and easy to clean. Depending on how you feed your cat, you may consider purchase a couple of bowls: one for water and one for dry food or canned food. Cat bowls made of stainless steel are considered most durable and easy to wash. The stainless steel cat bowls will not absorb food odors or retain bacteria as plastic dishes do which can help to prevent chin eczema and pigment loss on mouth and nose skin of the cats.

We have some shopping tips for buying cat bowls. The deeper bowls are best for water or dry food. Like the beautiful Italian designed Earshot Pet Bowl are made for not only functional but also pleasing to the eye. Wide shallow dishes work well for wet or canned food. Our popular Pee Wee Pet Dish or the new Whisker Wide Cat Bowl are both great choices for those owners who pamper their cats with a little luxury look. We also want to avoid the light-weight cat bowls which can be easily moved, so a rubber bottom slip-proof bottom is also important when purchasing a cat bowl.


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