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Designer Pet Carriers

When you see some celebrities carry their adorable tiny pooches on TV, do you ever wonder: “where did she get that dog bag?” We know how you feel~

Ever since we have our Chihuahua, we like to take her anywhere. It is important for us to make the dog comfortable and still maintain our life style while carrying the dog around. Both PetEgo Velvet Bitty Dog Bag and Petagon Pet Purse are very trendy for taking the small dog at the shopping spree, especially during the crowded shopping season. Sometimes we put the Chihuahua in the backpack Pet at Work Travel System when meeting friends at outside seating café, so we could have pleasant conversation while she can lie down in a Pet Dome and have a nap. These designer pet carriers are colorful, contemporary, and well made. The extra soft material and padding definitely pamper your little prince/princess. Now you can safely carry your pet in the most comfortable position, and look great too!

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