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Dog Bike Trailers

Thanks to dog bike trailers so I can hit the road with my two pooches together since it is always fun for us. Opposite to the dog bike carrier carry only small pet, one at a time, the dog bike trailer allows my two little ones or even a big dog to accompany me on cycling adventures of any distance.

My Chihuahua is like a real princess at “The Princess and the Pea”, she wouldn’t compromise any discomfort. We did a lot of research to find her a nice and comfortable dog bike trailer. The Mini Dog Bike Trailer by DoggieRide is our top choice not only for its safety features and coziness but also the light weight and stylish design.

Bike trailers for dogs are getting better all the time. You may choose the PetEgo top design EGR Comfort Wagon Dog Bike Trailer and Kasko Dog Bike Trailer by Italian designer which are fashionable, easy to attach, and able to safely carry a dog up to 165 lbs. Or choose the Dutch designed DoggieRide Mini Pet Bike Trailer which is made especially for small pets. Some cats or rabbits can even enjoy the ride with their owners! Their most popular pet bike trailers: Original Dog Bike Trailer and Novel Dog Bike Trailer have different optional kits for the pet owners to add on or to convert for different uses.

Our dog bike trailer selections are chosen specifically to transport your pet safely, feature a hard floor, roomy interior, and plenty of ventilation. It is a great idea to give your big baby, aging or injured companion the opportunity to get out in the fresh air with a roomy cabin and extra features like a two section opening for your dog to pop his head out of. The center tow arm connection keeps pets safe when they move around in the cabin. Some dog bike trailers can also convert to a dog stroller with detachable handle set. Now there is no reason why your furry pal has to stay home bored and alone while you're out having fun.

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