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Dog Crates

A dog crate or canine kennel is a personal den where the dog can find comfort and solitude while you know he's safe and secure. It plays a very important part to prevent many behavior problems in your puppy before they appear such as destructive chewing and separation anxiety. The crate will be a great help your young puppy when housebreaking and developing many useful habits. In fact, crate training has been proven to be the fastest and most effective way to housebreak a puppy.

To select a right size dog crate is the most concern when purchasing it. In short, your dog should be able to stand and turn around in a circle with ease in the crate. An overly large crate will make the dog more prone to having bathroom accident but your dog shouldn’t have to curl to fit it. A total of approximately 12 inches should be added to each measurement. The head to tail measurement plus twelve inches is the ideal depth of the crate. The height measurement plus twelve inches is the ideal height. Three quarters of the ideal depth figure will be the ideal width measurement. If you’re buying a puppy crate, choose one that will fit your puppy’s adult proportions.

The dog crate today is not only a safe den for your dog; it can also be a décor at your home. There are many selections from wood to wicker material to match your house design. Our top seller End Table Pet Crate is available in two beautiful colors: espresso and chestnut which can easily blend into your chic, contemporary living room.

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