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Dog Harnesses and Backpack

The benefit of using a dog harness is that the handler can keep the dog contained during walks or runs while the master controls movement and speed with a leash or lead. When we first had our “dominant” Chihuahua, she refused any leads. She would pull, bite, and tear whatever we put on. It was cruel to drag her with a collar and she even got hurt by pulling it. After doing some research, we decided to put a harness for small dog on her. The dog harness has many advantages over a collar in some very basic and humane ways. The harness vest pulls on the dog's entire upper body allowing better distribution of pulling force to prevent choking, so it helped us to finally train the Chihuahua.

From our own experience, we proudly recommend the RuffWear's Web Master Harness. It was originally designed to assist search-and-rescue organizations; the dog harness vest allows humans to lift a dog onto a chairlift, truck, or out of harm’s way. Houdini dogs that manage to get out of traditional harnesses will find it nearly impossible to escape the Web Master.

The Ruffwear's  Omnijore Joring System is designed for any dog-pulling activity such as skijoring, mountainboard-joring, skatejoring, bikejoring, or canicross. Enjoy joring all year long in any climate conditions.

Our big boy, the Golden Retriever, loves to join us with all the outdoor adventures. We certainly caution of his safety wherever we go. With the RuffWear's Double Back Harness – the dog-specific climbing harness, Jacky can enjoy all the fun activities including climbing, mountaineering, and even canyoning with us!

A dog backpack is worth buying. Like some hikers and campers, we like to take our dogs along with us on the trip. No matter the length of the trip, we always have to make some extra room for your four legged friends’ supplies. With the dog backpacks, our dogs carry their own food, treat and water, which leave us more room for our own gear.

Ruffwear’s Singletrak Pack Dog Backpack is lightweight design for warm trail conditions, also comes with Two 0.5L bottles so your dogs will have their water supply. Ruffwear’s Palisades Pack Dog Backpack is built for use in rugged conditions on multi-day backpacking trips when extra carrying capacity is needed, it has two liter hydration system. Ruffwear’s Approach Pack Dog Backpack is a great everyday pack with excellent performance even for small dog breeds.

It is important that your dog should carry only 20-25% of his weight in gear. Since carrying a backpack is certain to be a new activity for your dog, be sure to adapt your dog to carrying the pack with light weight objects before jumping up to the full weight that you wish him to carry on a hike or camping trip. The fit is critical to the comfort of the dog. Various packs have different features and styles that will affect the fit on the dog.

An additional advantage to using a dog backpack is a behavioral benefit. Dog behavior expert Cesar Millan highly recommends this method for hyper dogs or any dog that the owner is having difficulty controlling the dog while on the leash. Putting on the dog backpack for your regular walk will put your dog into "working mode". Canines have an inborn desire to work and putting a weighted object such as the backpack will help your dog focus on the task of carrying the pack, which will take his mind of being hyper or unruly on the leash.


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