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Dog Beds - Elevated Sofa

Like most people prefer sleeping on a firm mattress, so does your pets. The raised dog bed provides a more comfortable resting position for the dog. The air circulation under the raised bed allows release of body fluid and order, and it keeps warmer in winter while cooler in summer. The elevated dog beds have a frame with four short legs and a knitted fabric cover which keeps the dog off of the ground. They can also be beneficial to senior dogs or dogs with joint problems who have difficulty getting up out of beds.

Aside from the comfort the elevated bed brings to your dog, the sofa dog bed is a great addition to your home’s interior. Couch dog beds are the ultimate in style. Sofa dog beds with side bolsters are ideal for dogs who like to nap with their heads elevated. Let your dog enjoy the comfort of a elevated/sofa dog bed while you enjoy the designer look.

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