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Finding a Lost Pet

Finding a Lost Pet

Sometimes even responsible owners can lose their pets. And we all are devastated when our worst nightmare happens. Recently our friend’s ten-month-old German shepherd was missing by chasing after a cat from home without his collar. We researched every possible way to find the dog and fortunately there was a happy ending. So here are the important tips we gather with some helpers on finding lost animals:

  • First, post colorful flyers describing your pet in the neighborhood your dog was lost in; especially at street corners and outside busy stores in the area. Show neighbors, postmen, and even joggers a photo of your pet and ask them to watch for it.
  • Make sure your dog's microchip information is up to date immediately.
  • Locate your nearest animal shelter and surrounding city shelters including animals control shelters; go check every 24 hours for at least two weeks to see if your pet has come in.
  • Call local veterinary. Injured pets are often brought directly to a vet for care before being taken to a shelter.
  • Place an ad in the lost and found section of your local newspaper after your pet has been lost for 12 hours.
  • Post your dog any lost pets finder website even on Craigslist under the Lost & Found section.
Finally if you're lucky enough to be reunited with your pet, immediately license the animal and place a collar, I.D. tag, and a license on him or her.

Countless animals are lost each year and are never reunited with their owners because of one tragic oversight - not wearing pet I.D. tags. An animal that is kept in the yard during the day can easily dig under or jump over a fence, even escape through an open gate. If you allow your pet outside, please keep him or her in a completely secured yard with ample fencing. Make sure to affix a tag to your pet's collar which carries your name and address, as well as home and mobile numbers.

Most cities require dog licenses, so do your dog a favor, and support your city at the same time by licensing your animal. Should your pet become lost, its license will provide another ticket home.


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