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for Leads & Collars

for Leads & Collars


How to Select a Perfect Dog Leash?

Like dog collars, many dog owners prefer to have matching collars and leashes. There are as many different styles, materials, and sizes for dog leashes. It is important to select the type which best suits your needs. Always focus on safety and control. Fashionable is alright too, but safety and control are of the utmost importance..... [read more]

How to Select a Dog Collar?

A dog collar today is not only to keep the dog safe but also to provide the stylish look for our best friend! It is a great way to control the dog and at the same time, add to your canine's personality. Selecting a perfect dog collar has become a challenge these days because the markets are varying in range, style and material. After getting different collars for different dogs of our pack, these are some suggestions for you… Selecting Dog Collars.... [read more]

Type of Dogs Collars

Dog collars are not as simple as they seem. There are many different styles of dog collars to choose from depending on your dog's size, disposition, and function. Different breeds of dogs need to be controlled using different dog collars. The pinch collar which is usually used on larger breeds as a Boxer may not be suitable for small dogs like a Yorkshire Terrier. Therefore, you need to know the details and the uses of different types of collars in order to select the right one for your dog. .... [read more]

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