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for Pet ID Tags

for Pet ID Tags


Custom Design Pet ID Tags

Niu Niu and Prosperity love their new Custom Design Pet ID Tags! Ever since we had these two dogs, we like to give them dog the best: organic foods, eco-friendly dog toys, orthopedic dog beds, designer dog carriers… As proud dog parents, we love to receive compliments when people see them with outstanding dog accessories. Therefore, we found some artists that made unique personalized Custom Design Pet ID Tags..... [read more]

Pet ID Tags

Pet ID tags may come to many new owners’ mind when they get pets. But why do I need a pet ID tag? A pet ID tag is not the same as a dog or cat license which is requested by law. A pet license is proof that your pet has been vaccinated against rabies and is registered with the jurisdiction where you reside. Pet licenses are similar to ID Tags; generally small metallic or plastic tags that should be affixed to your pet's collar at all times..... [read more]

Pet QR ID Tags

Pet QR Tag is technology of the future when it comes to dog tags. A great innovation integrates new technology to help finding your lost pet even faster. .... [read more]

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