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Tornado Season Pet Care

Tornado Season Pet Care

Tornado season is fast approaching, and we want to help you get through it. Since pets are part of the family, we need to ensure the safety of them. Here are some tips:

  1. Preparedness – Vaccinate your pet. Always update the vaccination because infectious diseases can become a big threat after a disaster. Be sure that your pet wears an ID tag with correct contact information. If a pet becomes lost or escapes during the confusion of an evacuation, proper identification will increase the chances of a safe return home. Consider having your pet microchipped. Assemble an emergency kit for pets, include items: a pet carrier, a portable pet feeder, dry pet food, water, collar & leash, the copy of medical records and microchip information, and extra medication if needed.
  2. Dos – Do place your small pet in a secure carrier. Do bring your pet indoors as soon as there is a watch or warning issued. Do take your pet if there is evacuation for you to leave town. Do leave a note with your name, the name of your pet, a telephone number or location where you can be reached, and the name and number of your vet.
  3. Don’ts – Don't leave pets behind if a tornado is expected and evacuation occurs. Don’t leave pets outdoors, tied up or confined in the event of flooding. Don't leave pets unsupervised in a car, as they can suffer heatstroke once ambient temperatures rise above 70 degrees.
  4. The behavior of your pets may change after an emergency. Sometimes quiet and friendly pets may become aggressive or defensive. Watch them closely and practice calm and assertive energy around the household.
  5. In case of missing pets – have all the documents and photos in hand and contact your local and state animal shelters and humane societies with descriptions of your pets, and visit the shelters to see if your pets have been found. There are all resources for you to find a lost pet even on facebook.

For the past few weeks, the terrible tornados have struck the Midwest and South part of America. Amour Pet wish the pets and pet owners there all the best~


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